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2#3 2 Packages Tradition

2#3  2 Packages Tradition
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Price: $2.85
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Model: 2#3 2P ackages Tradition
Manufacturer: Ukrwest
Average Rating: Not Rated

Set of 14 different Sleeves for decorating Eggs.
Inside the pack  instruction in 8 different languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, German.

1. Open the package with care.
2. Cut film into the 7 separate sleeves.
3. Open each sleeve and slip this cylindrical film over a boiled egg.
4. Place the wrapped egg on a spoon and dip it into boiling water for 3-5 seconds.

The film will stick around the egg.

 Caution: Due to use of boiling water, children require adult supervision.
Materials used in this product are not harmful to your health or to food products.

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2#3  2 Packages Tradition
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